Green tourism
Our commitment

At Little Oakhurst we are in the heart of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and we understand our responsibility to ensure we work in a way that helps to support the environment that surrounds us.
We are continuously looking for ways to improve our sustainability and we encourage our guests to have awareness around energy efficiency and reduction of waste.

Our Site
To minimise our impact on the environment, we implement measures from construction to maintenance of the site;

  • Our shepherds huts are built on site with the help of our neighbours and Farmer Andy using locally sourced materials - our newest shepherds hut is mainly made from the wood from our old sheep shed!

  • Most of the furnishings for our accommodation are from vintage or pre-loved shops, giving items a second home and creating our cosy space

  • We have dark sky status so most of our outdoor lighting is solar. 

  • We have planted trees and bushes around the site to encourage wildlife. We have seen the return of a Tawny owl and Barn owl since these have been planted!

  • We refill our complimentary toiletries and washing up liquid from Little Green Footprint at Clitheroe Market reducing single use plastic

  • We use energy efficient lightbulbs

  • We leave some of  our hedgerows to grow to provide wildlife corridors around the farm.

  • We have bins for recycling glass, plastic and tins that we use and we encourage our guests to do the same

  • We are members of Champion Bowland, a charity which works to enhance the landscape of the Forest of Bowland AONB.

We are working on projects to;

  • Reduce our water usage 

  • Improve the energy efficiency of our shepherds huts by improving the insulation and heating methods

Responsible Visitor Charter

To check your carbon footprint please click here, and help us to help the environment. 

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