Hello, We are Andy and Joanne second generation farmers. Andy and  his dad, Jim have been running the 170 dairy herd now for over 50 years.  Harry, our son joined the team, after completing his agriculture course in 2019 and together they strive to provide a healthy stock of milk cows. However, Harry decided to go and see how the New Zealanders farm for 6 months and will be back in April 2020. We also have two other children Lucy and George. Lucy has decided to complete a digital marketing degree at UCLAN, after 18months working for a digital marketing company to see if she liked it. Finally there's George.  He started secondary school in September and you'll probably see him a lot kicking a football around or bringing you wood on the quad. I have a background in teaching and love working outdoors and I am looking forward to sharing our beautiful site with you.

You'll often hear Andy say that his cows have the best view in Lancashire from the 'cow palace'! and now you will too. A panoramic view of the infamous Pendle Hill with the tale of the famous witches who once lived there.

Ask for a farm tour, Jim or Andy would love to have a chat- as long as you can speak farmer language! 

Too full- brossen                                                             You and me- thee and me

no- noor                                                                           

Nothing- nowt


Anything- owt

Cows- coos                                                                       

Something -summut                            

Cow dung- muck                                                           

What are you up to? - Wat you agate wi?

What you clean up dung with- muck fork               

Snack between meals- baggin

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