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Hello, We are Andy and Joanne, second-generation farmers behind our stunning glamping site. With over 50 years of experience running a 170 dairy herd, Andy and his dad Jim have decided to take things a little slower and sold all the milking herd in 2020. However, they still have plenty of young stock and calves, sheep, hens, and of course, their beloved alpacas.

In 2019, we started the glamping site with just 2 yurts, and in 2020, we took the leap to build our own shepherds huts, allowing us to stay open all year round. Although it was a steep learning curve, we are now experts in providing cosy and luxurious accommodation for our guests.

We have 3 children.  Harry has just returned home from New Zealand, working on farms. While  Lucy can be found helping out on the glamping site or working front of house at another glamping site. Our youngest, George, is Andy's right-hand man and can often be seen kicking a football around or bringing wood to the guests on the quad.

With a background in teaching, (I) Joanne loves working outdoors and sharing our beautiful site with guests. In 2021, we even appeared on Channel Four's "4 in a Bed" and made good friends with the other contestants.

Enjoy the stunning views of Pendle Hill from our site, just like Andy's cows do from their "cow palace". And if you're up for it, ask for a farm tour and Jim or Andy would be happy to chat - just be prepared to speak farmer language!

Too full- brossen                                                             You and me- thee and me

no- noor                                                                           

Nothing- nowt


Anything- owt

Cows- coos                                                                       

Something -summut                            

Cow dung- muck                                                           

What are you up to? - Wat you agate wi?

What you clean up dung with- muck fork               

Snack between meals- baggin

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