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Alpacas at Little Oakhurst

Liam the alpaca

Liam is the youngest alpaca along

with Coolio. He loves rolling in dust or mud so is usually the messiest of the bunch! He is very greedy and particularly loves the new growth on Hawthorn trees.

Mel the alpaca

Particularly whilst on the alpaca walks, Melvin is the leader of the herd and will always walk at the front. He is a gentle giant and is cool, calm and collected.

Mick the alpaca

Mick can be a bit of a moody teenager at times but loves being with the boys with free range of the field. 

Coolio the alpaca

Coolio is the always at the back of the pack as he'll be tying to find his favourite food - dandelions! 

He loves attention and will give you plenty of kisses. 

An Alpaca Experience!

Come and meet our boys and have lots of fun getting to know them. Lucy named them after the characters in Benidorm! 

You will learn a little more about them and how to stay safe and have lots of cuddle  time. Afterwards, you can have refreshments and homemade cakes in the field with the boys (or in the antique shepherds hut if it's raining).  There will be plenty of chances for you to take pictures and great memories to take home. 

What do I need?

Wellies and appropriate clothing for all types of weather.

Who can come?

The whole family! 

How long does it take?

Approx: 1  hour £24  for 2 adults.  Children are free but must be supervised by an adult. 

How do i Book?

To book an alpaca walk with the boys, simply add to your booking form or email Joanne and let her know.

Alpaca events

If you're interested in hiring our alpaca's for your wedding or party, please email us the details at and we will be in touch!
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