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Fire safety

Fire Pits

Fire pits have become popular and a great way to spend an evening relaxing under the stars.  Though popular, fire pits can be dangerous if not properly used.  So, follow these fire pit safety techniques to make your fire pit evenings as enjoyable and safe as possible.

  • Always have a fire extinguisher handy. This is  located next to your kitchen unit.

  • Keep a first aid kit nearby for any accidental burns, also kept in the kitchen unit.

  • Put out the fire completely before leaving the pit unattended or before finishing the evening.  Even the smallest fire can become a large fire quickly, so embers should be completely extinguished.

  • Always keep a bucket of water next to the lit fire pit.

  • Do not light a fire in windy conditions.  One stray spark can cause a large fire.

  • Never move the fire pit away from the gravel area. 

  • Never allow a child to start a fire or to play near the fire.  Children should always be closely supervised around a fire pit.

  • Always use dry wood and kindling to light your fire.  Never use accelerants or rubbish to light a fire. 

Do not leave a lit or glowing firepit unattended. When the party is over, extinguish the fire. The simplest way is to carefully spread the embers out over a larger surface area. Then when they have cooled down a bit, carefully pour water over them until all glowing is extinguished.

Yurt Stove

Having a cosy evening in, with real log fire is one of the best ways to relax. There is nothing better than watching a real crackling fire. As with the fire pits, follow these rules:

  • Don't over load the stove with logs, put one on at a time and when the fire is dying down just add another log.

  • Always close the stove door, we don't want any stray embers!

  • Use the fire guard if you have small children. The stove can get very hot.

  • Use the fire gloves provided, for your own safety.

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